Friday, 27 August 2010

Christmas Comes Early!

That title is accurate in more than one sense...
I noticed yesterday that my local Oxfam already has the Christmas cards on sale. That's the earliest I've ever seen as most places usually wait til the schools go back at the very least. In this case though, Christmas has come early because I've had my first present.

My lovely HullBestFriend manages a charity shop, not your normal charity shop though, it's a furniture shop the size of a small warehouse that makes a massive amount of money for the incredible local charity it supports. I've always volunteered for her though I'm down from the days when I used to do six days a week to just the occasional shift when she's short-staffed. Inevitably I find something I want to buy and have furnished my home twice over. I used to love 1930's furniture and loved shabby chic but subsequently developed a taste for cleaner lines and now I have a house filled with mid-century modern and 1960's/1970's pieces. I have a beautiful Ercol dining table and chairs that are my pride and joy and she knows to ring me the moment an Ercol suite or Studio Day Bed comes in (I pay the going rate, though my volunteer status does allow me free delivery).

On Wednesday I got a call asking me if I'd be at home for a delivery this morning; she had something she was sending to me as an early Christmas present (late August not being a time of plenty for Supply Teachers...). I was very excited but for once in my life resisted the temptation to spoil the surprise (I still search my parents house for my presents)and decided to wait and see. I knew it was unlikely she'd be sending me a sofa without a warning me to clear the space so was imagining a coffee table or a work box. I GOT BOTH!!

Look, look! Perfect 60's style! Perfect as a blogging table- my lap-top is on it as I write! Perfect for tidying my stitching away at the end of the evening so I don't give The Girl a nervous breakdown with my messiness! Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! I'm so lucky.


  1. You should have witnessed the nervous breakdown that just occured when I went "WHERE IN THE NAME OF GOD IS THAT PIECE OF FURNITURE GOING TO GO!"


    Not really.

    I like it. It has secret things that you can pull out but most importantly push back in, making it neat. Win.

  2. The Venice table has been moved and the new one is sitting in front of me as I sit on the sofa. Honestly, it's fine!

  3. It's a fabulous piece of furniture - lucky you!


  4. It's really quite gorgeous, isn't it?!


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