Thursday, 5 August 2010

Good Morning!

Good Morning! It's a lovely sunny day here and I've just eaten half a pink grapefruit. I'm waiting for my espresso pot to start going crazy (The Ex always used to turn the heat of because "It's all bubbling and shit" despite my repeated explanations that it was MEANT to do that) and I thought I'd pop onto my blog and post a few bits and bobs. I'm sorry I haven't been on for a week but I felt I didn't have much to say, or at least much of interest. I know that blogs are the ultimate in self-indulgence and egotism but I attempt to make my posts at least mildly interesting (except maybe, this one). Sometimes, I think, there is a danger of writing posts that owe much in style to a Key Stage 1 News Book.

At the weekend I got up and then I watched telly and then I had breakfast and then I went on facebook and then I went into town and then I went to the shops and I got two magazines and some pegs and catfood and I was thirsty so I went to Burger King and had an orange drink.

You get the picture. I might do all sorts of things but there's no point in posting about them if I can't add some comment, analysis and interest. I hope that, most of the time, I succeed.

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  1. And then I went to work and then I read blogs when I should have been working and then I ate a grapefruit and it was fun and then I commented on my friend's blog and then I went into a meeting.


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