Sunday, 29 August 2010


I had all sorts of plans yesterday. I was going to get an off-cut of carpet to use as a rug to cover the coffee stains in the living room (the ex was known to pour his coffee on the floor if I hadn't put enough sugar in it); I was going to get an ironing board from the local charity shop so I can do my patchwork; I was going to buy bones from the butcher to make stock for soup, I was going to go brambling with MrsB and get blackberries for pies and sloes for sloe gin and vodka for Christmas presents

The reality of my day was somewhat different.

I got off the bus opposite MrsB's house and saw enough of a break in the traffic that I could cross provided I was quick. On step from the far side I felt what can only be described as a Twang as if my calf muscle was a giant rubber band that had broken. I made the pavement but, oh lord, the pain was excrutiating and my language was appalling. I made it the ten yards to her house thinking I was going to throw-up and lay on the floor hoping it would ease. It didn't.

After an hour or so I gave in and the lovely BermudaGirl came to collect me in her car. I spent the afternoon on the sofa with a pack of frozen spinach on my leg.

I'm a lot better today, especially since I've discovered that I feel much better wearing high heels as the muscle is held in a different position. I can walk and stand but I have to be very careful not to jar it or twist it as that results in searing pain and very bad language! The spinach didn't go to waste as once it defrosted I used it to make a pasta sauce.

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