Thursday, 12 August 2010

Total Wardrobe Freakout!

So parents are having a big Ruby Wedding Party next week. They're basically having the wedding reception they didn't have back in 1970 as they already had four children under ten between them when they met and the whole wedding industry was in its infancy back then. Dad was a widower and Mammy an "unwed mother" (gasp!) and they found each other and lived happily ever after or at least as much as you can in the real world. All five of their children (they had one together 18 months after the wedding) will be there including the brother who is flying in from Andulusia and the sister who is flying in from California. I'm hugely excited not least by the fact that they're having the same caterers we had for my wedding and I'll get to really enjoy the canapes without having to pose for photos the whole time.

I don't know what to wear. I have body image issues at the best of times (English size 18-22) and find formal wear stressful but when in the company of my sisters the situation reaches crisis point. My sisters are slim. And beautiful. My youngest sister was briefly a model. She's six-foot, a size 8 and has that enviable ability to look effortlessly elegant, poised and gorgeous. Next to her I look, dumpy and scruffy and slightly chaotic.

I went into Monsoon yesterday and tried on some dresses. Oh my good lord...sack of potatoes anyone?

Then my lovely friend BermudaGirl lent me her party dress

It's beautiful and I got myself a shrug in the Monsoon sale so I won't have to show my hated upper-arms (and the tattoo my dad still doesn't know about,and a BARGAIN pair of bronze shoes from ebay (£3.98 including postage) and then I tried it on. I can't get the flippin' zip to do up. I'm hope, hope, hoping it's just I'm at the wrong angle and someone else will be able to do it for me and will be taking it to MrsB's with me later.

But, just in case, I've also ordered a dress from ebay...

It's plain but will look great with some retro accessories(polka-dot shoes, a red-velvet rose in my hair, scarlet lipstick) and I love the full skirt.

What do you think?


  1. You see this is why I don't like fancy dresses - you invariably need help getting them done up!

    But I frickin' love that black dress so much. Not plain. Classy.

  2. They're both great. Hope you have fun :)

  3. Oh dear, that's a toughie. You will not be able to decide until the night. All you can do is try both dresses on and see what you feel most comfortable in. TBH with sisters the way you described - it' ain't gonna be an easy ride is it. Try to put everything aside and enjoy yourself. It's only you that will be thinking do I look dumpy, or does my bum look big in this - everyone else will not even bat an eyelid, they'll just be pleased to see you. Have fun. S x

  4. They're both lovely - but my fav is the black one - I love everything about it - and you could always wear a net petticoat underneath it to really give it some ooomph. (I only thought of it cos I'm half way through making one to go under a 50's style dress I made!)
    Have a great party.
    (And re previous post - you could always send him the link to your blog)

  5. OOOO, Vintagerockchick, are you going to show us the completed petticoat? I'd like to make one, I have some fantastic shocking-pink net in my sewing room that is crying out to be made into a petticoat.
    As to my previous parents aren't on-line and certainly wouldn't understand the blogging world. Dad would be very embarrassed to see that I'd shared my emotions with you!

  6. That green dress is gorgeous! Is it a side zip? I ALWAYS struggle with side zips, thay are an invention of the devil! When I finally manage to get them fastened to the top, it is usually with a chunk of skin between their teeth!


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