Friday, 13 August 2010

Spot the difference...

Look at that dress...
Look at the way the skirt flares out from the waist. It's the ideal shape for me. I have a proper waist but a big stomach so a flared skirt works well on me.
Look at the proportions. It's long enough for the hem to brush the calves. Classic late 40s retro style. I'm five foot nine so that's perfect for me.

Look at this dress, see how the skirt flares out from a nipped-in waist? See how the length is totally in proportion to the rest of it? No? That's because they've sized up the bodice without increasing the length of the skirt. They've widened the waist without widening the hem. It hasn't occurred to them that big girls can be tall too. THIS IS NOT THE DRESS I WANT. I AM NOT HAPPY.


  1. Oh dear, not like the original is it. What about if you put a big elastic belt on, would that make any difference?? and maybe if you chopped your legs off at just below the knee?? Such a shame hun. S x

  2. I think chopping my legs off is probablythe only way to improve the fit. Since when did 5' 9" (are my " s the right way round?)translate as freakishly tall?

  3. Send it back and demand a refund - or rather demand a refund and then send it back! And leave negative feedback if you don't get your money back!

  4. Can't believe how shocking that is when you see the 2 pictures. I still think some jiggery pokery has gone on there - I think it's been pinned at the back like they do in the window displays of shops, to make the skirt look more flared and I think they've done something to make the skirt more flared than it really is.



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