Saturday, 24 July 2010


  1. I'm not keen on John Lennon and think "Imagine" is a pompous dirge of monumental proportions.

  2. I hate pubs and pub crawls. Now, before someone phones my dad and gives him a heart attack with this news, I should say that I love country pubs with beer gardens, open fires, specials on a blackboard and the smell of beer and furniture polish. I hate the pubs in this city. I hate going on a pub crawl and paying huge amounts of money for a glass of sugar and water or a truly dreadful glass of vinegar that pretends to be wine. I hate having to shout to make myself heard and being so much taller than my companions that all conversation seems to happen down around my shoulders. I hate there being nowhere to sit. Invite me out for coffee, invite me for a meal, invite me for tapas, invite me for a bottle of wine in a cafe bar but don't bother inviting on one of those evenings that involves a long list of where you'll be at different times; I'm likely to "get lost" between pubs and be found at home with a pizza.

  3. I can't do long-division.

  4. I'm not that keen on travelling. I love city breaks and I love going to visit friends and family all around the world but the thought of throwing a few things in a backpack and setting off round Europe or Asia...? Hideous. I like to spend time planning, reading guide books, making lists, I like to know where I'm sleeping at night.

  5. I pretend to like Arthouse Cinema but I'd really rather go and see a good Sci-Fi.

  6. I enjoy picking my nose.

  7. I love QVC.

  8. I'll happily eat chocolate for breakfast.

  9. I judge people who use poor grammar. Seriously, if your Facebook updates have no punctuation, confuse homophones and use text-speak or deliberate misspellings ( I think you'll find the word is "have" not "ave") I'll think less of you and won't bother trying to decode your messages. Grammar is all about good manners; if you don't put the effort into making your text clear and easy to understand you are expecting your readers to do the work of trying to understand you. Why should we bother?

  10. When I'm feeling stressed and need to think about a "happy place" I think about Waitrose. It's so clean and calm and well organised, everything I'd like my life and home to be. Everything that it isn't.


  1. Oh just wait til I'm done. Waitrose won't have anything on us.

    Rite im off 2 move rst of stuf out of house. c u sn ;)

  2. i also love to pick my nose...but then pumping makes me laugh so maybe i am just a teenage boy xx

  3. I don't like pubs either, but I do like 'bars'. 'Bars' have good wine and aren't usually very busy because everyone else is in the pub! I once dreamt I was Paul McCartney's girlfriend (NOT any of the famous real ones I hasten to add) when he was in the Beatles (probably about 1967ish) and he caught me in bed with John Lennon.


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