Sunday, 18 July 2010


I thought for years that I liked living alone.

I thought I preferred to be alone because I preferred to be alone to living with someone who poured his coffee on the floor if there wasn't enough sugar in it, left filthy underpants on the bathroom floor and said he'd "never be the kind of man who takes his dishes through to the kitchen" as if I was asking him to give up an essential part of his integrity.

I'm glad to say that my housemate, The Girl, does none of those things! Actually, she's so tidy that she inspires me to better things and I really hope that my natural untidiness doesn't end up driving her crazy. I've been getting home earlier than her most evenings so I've been cooking the dinner, but she's been doing the washing-up and it's so nice to be able to share the chores.

But mostly it's nice to share jokes, chat, craft supplies and quiet evenings in.

So, these are the inhabitants of Vista del Nada,

  1. Dorothy Sims Crumpet- that's me. Tall, voluptuous,shoe-obsessed, talkative, coffee-loving, romantic and messy.

  2. The Girl- housemate. Tall, gorgeous, funny, patient, cleaning machine, mad cat lady.

  3. Maggie- Black cat. Cranky, talkative, grumpy, loving.

  4. Maud- Tabby cat. Beautiful, funny, cuddly, stripey.

We're not the most harmonious home in the world due to Maggie's habit of hissing at anything that moves but we rub along quite nicely most of the time.


  1. I would comment on this post but I'm far too busy cleaning right now.

    If it helps I can leave some pants in the bathroom :)

  2. That made me proper lol! You can leave pants wherever you want honey, you'll still be easier to live with than he was.

  3. After reading that post I can understand the earlier embroidery!


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