Saturday, 17 July 2010

Normal Service Has Now Been Resumed...

All those posts in a single day and then nothing for ten days. What must you think of me? Please let me explain...

I was happily pottering about on the Internet one evening when the strangest thing happened. Every time I tried to type the letters they appeared on the screen as numbers, except when I tried upper case which was completely invisible. I was not happy. I was even less happy when someone "liked" the resulting status update on Facebook (seriously, think about what you "like").
The Girl (as housemate is known in the blogosphere) was having a few issues with viruses and whatnot on her computer so she ran some software on mine and discovered I had 24 risky bits of gubbins on my laptop. 24... Yes you read that right. 24.

We've cleaned most of them off but the problem remains and this is The Girl's laptop I am using.

The moral of the story is or, should I say, the morals of the story are...

1. Make sure you have anti-virus software installed (I am an idiot).

2. Don't let stupid boys who like looking at porn anywhere near your computer.

3. Get one of your friends to move in to your spare room and borrow her computer.


  1. Oh it's a pain when that happens. We had similar problems on ours earlier this year. Took ages to get it fixed. We even had a virus checker switched on...lot of use that was. Then someone hacked into my email account and sent load of emails with links to a website for people with erectile disfunction (sometimes every few days)to people in my address book...including my boss....not
    funny at all. S x

  2. Haha! Hilarious. Have also just remembered that I was supposed to bring the laptop away with me wasn't I?!

    I KNEW there was a reason you wanted to live with me (apart from my cat whispering techniques).


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