Sunday, 18 July 2010


I am obsessed with islands. It's a long-held fascination that started in childhood when I read my Dad's copies of Swallows and Amazons and imagined myself to be Nancy Blackett. I'd draw endless maps, I'd play islands on the rockery in the garden, I'd spot them in the clouds and I'd daydream about living on one. The first time I watched Jaws I spent more time being delighted by the idea of living on Amity than I did being scared by the Great White.

As I've grown older those imaginary islands have been replaced with the real thing and my last two holidays have been spent in Venice and on the Isle of Mull. During some of the bad times of the last few years I've spent hours on Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Images looking for my house.

When I'm feeling stressed at work and wishing I lived somewhere quiet and beautiful with a strong community I imagine myself living here:

Isn't it just the most beautiful place you've ever seen? This is The Old Ferry House at Grasspoint in the south of The Isle of Mull. It looks out over The Sound of Mull and back to the mountains of the mainland. You can see more pictures of it here,

and you can rent it for your holiday, but in my fevered imagination it's going to be my family home one day!

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