Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I don't normally blog this often in a day but I want to introduce you all (all? I have two followers!) to my interests and obsessions.

I love crafting. I've been trying to make things for years but for some reason (surely not lack of skill?) my creations have never matched up to the beautiful pictures in my head. I taught myself to crochet but I never managed to finish anything, I'd just unravel and start again. It became a bit of a joke though the wonderful girls at my Stitch and Bitch group never held it against me. I spent money on crafting magazines, crafting supplies, fabric, thread, sewing machines, wool, paint, papers, ribbon, glues. You name it, I had it. And yet nothing was ever finished and I was never satisfied.

Then one evening one of the Stitchettes said,

"I think we should have an exhibition!"

I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt a cold hand clutch her heart whilst feigning enthusiasm . But the idea was born. We'd have an exhibition of cross-stitches and embroideries with the theme, "Overheards".

Just imagine, all those times you hear someone say something totally ridiculous, funny, disgusting or amazing, all those times you look round thinking,
"Someone must have heard that!", all those times you've loved someone's one-liner and wanted to write it down, all those times lovingly stitched, mounted, framed and hung.

I started badly. I hadn't embroidered in 28 years and was a little rusty. I didn't realise that you really DO need to split your embroidery silk into strands to get a good result, but this was my first creation.

I heard it on a bus going through a particularly deprived part of town and I should explain that Chicken George is a sub-KFC fast food joint, not a gourmet experience.


  1. "I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt a cold hand clutch her heart whilst feigning enthusiasm" - HELL YEAH LADY!

  2. Hi Natasha, Thought I should repay the favour and visit your blog, and I have to say I LOVE this idea. Overheards are just brilliant anyway, but embroidered? Even better :)



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