Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Looking Hot!

I find it very difficult to cope in hot weather. I don't sleep properly, I have to share the bus with people who think deodorant is optional, the children get fractious, my feet swell etc. Worst of all my face shines red and I look like I'm having a heart attack or have the worst case of sunburn in the world.

I find heat frustrating because I can't wear my favourite clothes and shoes, I'm not a follower of fashion but I do love all things apparel related. I'm a bit of a retro girl but I'm too big to fit in to all those cute little floral frocks (one of this summer's targets is learn to sew) so I have a retro-inspired style of my own.

Last night I had an extra meeting of my Stitch and Bitch group and walked down my beloved Newland Avenue to meet the girls. I was wearing a Monsoon wrap dress ( a good five years old) in greens and browns and a pair of bright scarlet sandals with a high heel and a platform. They were brand new but as I was only walking a short distance I thought I'd be safe wearing them in.
I passed a man of about my age and heard him say
but thought nothing of it and kept walking He passed me, turned around and walked back toward me. As he reached me he smiled and said,
"You look hot tonight!"
with undisguised (and totally unsleazy) admiration.

What an ego boost! I didn't fancy him and I didn't want to take it any further but I smiled and thanked him and kept walking, only this time I was ten feet tall.

Maybe hot's not so bad after all.


  1. Hell no lady!! And really I think we need a picture of the shoes so people can fully understand the awesomeness of them.

  2. I will post a photo later. I'm currently at work so I don't think I can get away with photography!

  3. That postmade my eyes go wet! That's lovely!!


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